If Tomorrow Never Comes


Ini adalah petikan dari sebuah esei yang ditulis oleh seorang pelajar SMI Hidayah JB. Semoga ianya menolong kita memahami dengan lebih mendalam anak-anak kita.

Puan Kamaliah Nordin
Pengetua SMIH

If Tomorrow Never Comes.

If tomorrow never comes I would like to take this chance to tell the whole wide world how proud and special I feel to have the best , most wonderful dad among all the other dads

Among the reasons that make my dad number one is that I don't have to be someone popular, hot, cool, perfect or famous he was, is and will always be my perfect fan. He has always supported me no matter whether I realized it or not..he makes me feel special. I don't know how but he has his own way of making me feel special.

People say that it takes a lot to know what is love and that it's not the big things but the little things that can mean more than enough. If that is true , I dare say it takes even more to know , understand and feel unconditional love. I know I am not exactly the perfect daughter. I am naughty... difficult to deal with stubborn and yet there is never a day that passes by that my dad never thinks of me or my other siblings. He was always there pushing me and guiding me.

Believe it or not he is also the best Mr. Mom! Anything that a mom is supposed to and can do, he can do it too. Talk about pressing clothes, he presses our school uniforms , my mom's dresses etc. And he also cleans the house real well. He can cook as good as any cook. Tell me where can you find a man like that? I am not kidding anyone, I'm talking about my dad!

Maybe many see dads as guys who go off to work to get money and support our everyday life. Just take sometime and think just how much more than that dads are . One thing I know my dad sure is more than that.

So here I want to say;

Maybe we don't get along quite well sometime , but that's probably because we have totally different interests and thoughts. Or maybe just because I am too stuck up. But whatever happens between us it doesn't mean I don't love you, that I don't appreciate you..maybe we have different ways of showing and understanding each other. I know no one else's dad spends his break time cooking and cleaning the house so that our coming home in the evening would be in comfort ; or preparing evening tea with a love note before going off to play badminton, whenever we come home late.

I know I'll never be a perfect daughter but I want you to know that no matter how bad I am , no matter how crazy , totally-out-of-the world and impertinent I am, I have always and will always love you and that I have always missed you whenever you're away. For your patience and your unconditional love and for taking care of me and watching me grow up through the hard times.

Finally, if you were to live a hundred years , as selfish as it may seem, I would want to live a day less so that I will never have to feel losing and living without you.

Thank you abah for everything . I love you more than anything and I am very proud that you are mine.

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